Trent Hunting Guide

Trent Leichleiter – Guide

Trent is very passionate about the role he plays at 777 Hunts. He loves the challenges that come along each day and the chance to meet new people. Trent has many years of experience in guiding upland birds and waterfowl hunts.  Doing so has provided him with the expertise needed to lead successful outings and field experiences. Trent enjoys planning and hosting large events from dog competitions from the BDC Worlds to NSCA registered sporting clay shoots and everything in between.

Trent’s passion for hunting and the great outdoors came from hunting as a young child. Trent would accompany his father, Andy Leichleiter, every hunting season from the time he could walk. He credits his passion and desire to achieve success in both hunting and life to his dad. As he grew older, his hunting passion developed into an enthusiasm for retrievers and eventually led him to seek a full-time job managing a hunting preserve and training dogs professionally.
At 777 Hunts Trent has a hand in everything from guiding hunters in the field to giving shooting instruction. His multitude of skills gained over a lifetime of hunting and training are put to good use.

As a family Trent, his wife Katie, and their children, Jager, Kruze and Bryx enjoy meeting new customers as well as assisting clients and being part of the experience at 777 Hunts.