Tom Hunting Guide

Tom Fauble – Guide

Tom was introduced to upland hunting by his father around age 8 or 9. He trudged along with his dad and his friend Greg, for what seemed like hours and miles (in actuality the miles were in quarters). He eventually was able to carry a BB gun and vividly remembers taking his hunters education course.  They hunted Western Iowa and Eastern Nebraska. From ages 12 through 15 they traveled more and hunted Central and Southeastern Nebraska. They moved to Southwestern Montana (Bitterroot Valley) and put the brakes on upland hunting until later in his early 20s.
Guiding upland hunts at 777 Hunts has presented Tom with a wide array of hunters from first time (young & older) to seasoned veterans. He enjoys the stories told while in the field and the laughter shared during great and not so great moments. He has been fortunate to accompany some outstanding folks on their hunts!

When it comes to other outdoor activities, Tom was introduced to waterfowl hunting in his early 30s and was “all in” for many years. He was given a lot of grief by friends whenever he was planning to squeeze in a pheasant hunt and chastised for chasing “ditch pigeons.” A few years later he was introduced to turkey hunting and has some of his greatest memories associated with those hunts. Shooting Sports has become another passion of Tom’s, much to his family’s dismay. He drags his wife and kids to various shoots around the region and embarrasses them when he walks up to a shooter who may be struggling and lends them a suggestion or two. Dog trials have also taken up the past couple of years of Tom’s life. He says he is in no way a staunch competitor, but he thoroughly enjoys the camaraderie and watching dogs work.

More About Tom

Tom has been guiding/mentoring hunts since 2008. Early on, while instructing hunter’s education, he jumped at the chance to become a mentor and engaging young people to the opportunities the great state of Nebraska has to offer. Waterfowl and turkey hunting were his immediate choice for mentoring early on. Eventually drifted back into upland hunting and started guiding upland hunts more often in recent years.

Currently, Tom works for a global insurance broker as an Infrared Thermographer and Safety Consultant for Ag and Commercial clients. He covers a nine-state territory and has been afforded ample windshield time to take in some amazing scenery while traveling! Prior to
working in the insurance field, he was working in the field of the fabrication of structural steel. Tom was part of the early 2000s Omaha construction boom and skyline expansion around the region.

When asked what is your favorite hunting dog breed and why? Tom’s reply was nothing short of comical. “Boy, the loaded question of favorite hunting breed,” he said, “Similar to ‘Who is your favorite child?’ (though we all have one, no one dare utter a name). I have been lucky to hunt over a fair selection of working breeds over my lifetime, some great and some not so great. In my early years, we had a pointer and spaniel. Over the decades I have had German Shorthairs, a Llewellyn, and recently a Lab. Each has/had their own qualities and I would not diminish any of their skill sets. Since I currently run all three types of dogs, I will abstain from answering, but will happily take anyone out so they can provide their answer after a hunt or 20.”